The Mark of Gold Light

Epic in scope and vision, The Mark of Gold Light theme album is a fantasy mainly based in a parallel world, a beautiful love story and a paean to lost childhood. It comprises 30 songs and 31 linking pieces of sound designed narration done to Hollywood blockbuster movie standard.

Following an accident an old memory is triggered and a mark of gold light mysteriously appears on James Bowman’s forehead. He becomes convinced that Cari, the imaginary childhood friend of his early youth, was actually real. She was a dryad [called a faerelven in our tale] who lived among the trees of the water meadows near his sleepy village. It was she that placed the mark there with a kiss (her way of saying “remember me forever”) when they were children. Soon James Bowman finds himself on an epic journey, and with the wizard Merlyn’s aid, Bowman crosses into a parallel world and traverses a great continent in search of Cari.

While on his journey through this parallel world he meets a weird array of memorable characters, both friends and foes. And somewhere among the mountains, great forests, swampy expanses and plains of flute-grass, Cari is waiting. But an evil giant [Yggdrak] and his army of goblin-like yrrchs are poised to wipe out the faerelvens.

There is one brief, passionate reunion between Cari and James before the onset of war drives them apart again.

James Bowman must defeat Yggdrak and his horde, if he is to save Cari and the rest of her kind…